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The PinkCup menstrual cup is the new age product for the new age women and is the hygienic modern alternative to tampons and pads.

  • Healthy alternative to tampons and pads
  • Non-absorbing so will not affect the internal Ph and flora balance
  • Made for medical proposes, latex-free, hypoallergenic, containing no dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins.
  • Does not absorb fluid so no odor
  • Flexible, comfortable, convenient and easy to use
  • Minimal feeling whilst worn
  • Total protection due to separation
  • Change time maximum of 12 hours depending on flow
  • Swim and sleep safe
  • Discrete and personal, no strings or bulges. Wear what you like
  • Safe for all water and athletic sports
  • Ten year life time and sustainable

SIZING: The PinkCup menstrual cup is available in two sizes.

Small: For women who are under 30 years of age and have not had children.

Large: If you have had children and are under 30 years of age.

PinkCup Size 1 Small Capacity: 15ml
Diameter: 42 mm Length: 47 mm Stem Length:25mm

What’s in the box
1 x PinkCup Large Size Menstrual Cup 20ml
1 x Handybag

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