Mirren (Pty) Limited is a private South African pharmaceutical company which primarily manufactures and markets its own brands of products. Mirren also imports products from a few multinational companies with whom it has distribution agreements and manufactures products for a few industrial customers on a 3rd party basis.

Mirren is registered with the relevant pharmaceutical control and clinical trial boards. Mirren manufactures the following dosage forms:

  • Effervescent tablets, granules and powders
  • Conventional tablets
  • Sugar-coated and film coated tablets
  • Syrups and solutions
  • Specialty creams (vacuum processing)

Mirren does comprehensive quality control and regulatory handling of data for registration of medicines in South Africa. Mirren has also arranged for third party clinical research to be done according to ICH guidelines for entities offered to them to be marketed under license.

Mirren has an excellent sales team covering South Africa and neighbouring countries.

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