iNova Pharmaceuticals is well established, operating in South Africa since 1953.  On December 21, 2011 the business was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian company but continues as iNova in South Africa with the same well-known, trusted portfolio of products.

The mission of the company is to improve human health and well-being by providing valued pharmaceutical products, and to be recognised as a leader in its chosen fields. iNova concentrates on products with clear benefits that will be valued by doctors, pharmacists and patients and that are, or could become, market leaders.  We value speed, simplicity and efficiency in what we do, and see this as essential to achieving our objectives and satisfying market needs.

iNova boasts eight promoted brands in the areas of respiratory tract infections, oral health, appetite control, dermatology and women’s health, as well as some segments of the pain market.  Our approach to the market is always via the health care professional, and our commitment to doing things in-depth ensures the doctor has a thorough knowledge of our products and can communicate their benefits to patients.  This involves being close to the clinical front and understanding which doctors will have an interest in our therapeutic areas.

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