Company History

  • Smith’s Distributors (SD) was founded by Ian Smith, in 2000.
  • SD was started as a single agent and grew to one of the leading agencies in Namibia with a growing number of dedicated representatives and products.
  • In 2014 C&I Marketing (CIM) joined forces with Smith’s Distributors.


Main Members

  • Ian Smith (Smith’s Distributors – SD)
  • Cor van Tonder (C&I Marketing – CIM)

What SD & CIM do

  • Offer a dedicated sales and marketing team to build the brand and promote individual products.
  • Assist in developing the marketing strategy for the brand and the product portfolio.
  • Assist in managing the relationships with the wholesale distributors to, inter alia, ensure appropriate stock levels and to monitor the success of the strategies in place.
  • Oversee the day to day execution of the marketing strategy.
  • Control payroll and representative benefits like Pension fund and Social Security.


Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

  • To be the company that best understands and satisfies the marketing and operational need of pharmaceutical and surgical companies in their operations within Namibia.

 Mission statement

  • Assist a number of prominent pharmaceutical and surgical companies to increase their company footprint and business operations within Namibia.
  • By providing a complete solution for their in-market marketing and sales needs.
  • Provide companies with well managed sales representatives and all the backup support needed for these representatives to be successful.
  • To represent companies at wholesaler, pharmacy and doctor level on a day to day operational basis.


  • Passionate, Dependable, Ethical

 Growth strategy

  • Signing and growing market leading pharmaceutical and surgical companies in Namibia’s medical industry.


Products & Services

  • Smith’s Distributors provides the following to companies represented:


  • Act as the legal entity representative on behalf of our full portfolio of companies.
  • Marketing and sales of company products
  • Full HR services
  • Manage relationship with wholesalers, pharmacies and doctors
  • Day to day operations
  • If necessary warehousing and distribution of surgical and medical devises
  • Provide office space
  • Secure storage space

Business competitiveness

  • SD & CIM have years of experience, with a proven track record
  • Excellent understanding of Namibian market
  • Strong relationship with all stakeholders

Management & Ownership

Owner & Manager

Ian Smith

  • B.Tech Degree: Marketing and Sales Management
  • National Diploma: Marketing & Sales Management

Financial Director

Danica Smith

  • Started with SD & CIM 2010
  • 18 years administration and financial experience, four years thereof (2002 – 2006) in Westminster, London, UK as accounts payable for E.ON Ruhrgas UK (Pty) Ltd

Owner & Manager
Cor van Tonder

  • B.com Sport Management
  • MBA

Business Operations Manager
Debra Smit

  • Four year – Diploma Course: General Nursing, Community, Psychiatry and Midwifery.
  • 18yrs of Pharmaceutical Industry experience with regards to Marketing and Sales; Data Information, Incentives; Dr Grading; Data Management and analysis.
  • ImpactRx data analysis.
  • Joined Smiths Distributors in 2016

Office and administrative manager
Kathy Brendell

  • Started with Smiths in 2013 with more than 11 years experience
    in administration, payroll and tax.

Portfolio of Clients